Tuesday, February 12, 2013

Only you

Only you, Padrone, could have so gently and lovingly taken the chaos that was my mind, my heart, my life and reveal a path towards contentment.

Only you saw what I was striving to hide from the world, thinking that my needs were too strong to allow a relationship to be healthy.

Only you had a need that matched my own, which was revealed gradually - often emotionally and painfully - and which I never dreamed would happen.

Only you, Padrone, could have been so patient and understanding of my life and circumstances; and only you could have come to love me in spite of the inherent difficulties of our relationship.

Only you, Padrone, could have been so steadfast and faithful to me, to us, throughout all these years of ups and downs, over such a distance and so many changes.

Only you wanted me as I was, which made me yearn to be more, better, and meet needs you rarely reveal to me.

Only you took what you wanted from me, simply because you wanted it, showing the dominance I had been looking for, for as long as I could remember.

Only you can use me as you did last night and still leave me hungry for more.

Only you, Padrone, could ever be my Owner and my love.

Only you are my forever Valentine.